Friday, December 11, 2009

Platinum Luniz Star Numskull Pleads 5 on It, Rape Charges Dropped

Platinum Luniz Star Numskull Pleads 5 on It, Rape Charges Dropped

As you all may well know about Platinum Rap Star Numskull from the Luniz, he was indicted on 12 felony counts of domestic violence, several rape related charges, and possession of a loaded hand gun two summers ago. He has been fighting his case for over two years, and he has just been acquitted of all counts, with the exception of the gun charges, in which he has pleaded guilty.

A deal was made for the Rapper, born Garrick Husbands, in which his lucky number has again been a 5. So he will receive 5 years, and will receive credit for time served, and may be out with good behavior by 2013.
Fans from all over have rallied in Numskulls defense, saying he didn't do it. Many of Hip Hops greatest and most influential stars have been a victims of Domestic Violence, and rape claims. The Bay Area Native Rapper was no different, claiming a childhood fan of his made bogus claims, that ended in the rapper being charged with over 20 felonies, and his trial was on the front page of TMZ Online.

With such a huge legacy as the Luniz, selling 3 million records, as well as being a household Bay Area name, I'm glad to see the veteran star acquitted, Free Numskull!

Written by Ian Jackson of All Bay Group

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